Powerful Pain Relief
At Your Fingertips.
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Why choose uTouch?
  • Targets your pain DIRECTLY at the source!
  • SOFT silicone body for total comfort. 
  • Twin touch points work together to RELIEVE tension, aches and pains.
  • FLEXIBLE design for ease of reaching all target areas.
  • Comes with a RISK-FREE Guarantee! 
Place your thumb and index finger (or middle finger) in the molded finger opening, with the uTouch bridge resting just inside or outside of your hand. 
Turn on both wave capsules by firmly pushing down on the white on/off button of each until you hear a "click". When you release the button, the capsule will begin to vibrate.
Get ready to relax! 
Apply uTouch wherever you need to relieve aches, pain, and pressure and let uTouch do the rest.
Revolutionary Twin Touch Point Technologymakes melting away life's aches, pains and stress a daily pleasure!
THE DAILY STRESSES OF LIFE can really tense and tighten up your muscles. From sitting at a desk to repetitive movements, uTouch has the REVOLUTIONARY TWIN TOUCH POINT TECHNOLOGY™ to melt away life's aches, pains and stress. PAIN RELIEF AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. uTouch is perfect for your hands, shoulders, forehead, temples, sinuses, calves, feet, ankles, neck and more!
Total Satisfaction Risk Free Guarantee
Want to start using uTouch™ but not sure if you'll love it? With our Total Satisfaction 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee you can try the twin touch point technology for yourself for a FULL 30 DAYS. If you are not satisfied for any reason send it back and we will refund your costs, including return shipping and handling
Real People, Real Results
- Kelsea
I am a boxer and a gymnast, so I carry a lot of my tension in my upper body, specifically my shoulders. I was never able to find an at home remedy for all my knots and pain. The only thing that helped was going to see a masseuse and that is really expensive! I checked our the uTouchand it worked wonders. I don't normally give reviews to products unless I think its worth it...and this is TOTALLY worth it. I'd give this 100 stars if I could! I will be telling everyone I about this handy dandy pain relieving wonder massager.
- Maggie
This powerful little massager is worth its weight in gold to me! Great for relieving stress and tension after a tough day at work. I would recommend it to all my friends.
+ $7.95 S&H